Silent Wave Horse Rescue

Giving A Voice To The Voiceless
We are a 501(c)3) Non-Profit Organization
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Without the help of brave and determined volunteers and your donations rescuing horses in need would be impossible

Every dollar that you donate is spent on the welfare of horses we have rescued. Needless to say, we are always in dire need of money, supplies and volunteers to support and rehabilitate the horses we care for. 

Owner neglect is just one challenge we take on

Each year, up to 244,000 equines are sent to an horrific end in Mexico and Canada via the foreign slaughter pipeline. We do our best to keep as many as we can out of the auction and slaughter pipeline. Our goal is to give them a chance. A chance to have a forever home through training, adoption, or sanctuary. 

What happens to senior horses who have given a lifetime of service?

Auctions and Foreign Slaughter...These were the horses which carried our children safely on their backs. Racehorses who did not win (and some who did). Retired show and rodeo horses too old to perform. Wild mustangs, burros and breeders' overstock. Pregnant broodmares who gave birth on the feedlots. Mares and their nursing foals separated on the trucks. Mules, donkeys, and ponies who never had the chance to serve a purpose. 

Condemned to death for nothing... but profit

These companion animals are sent in horrifying conditions to cruelly unregulated slaughterhouses across our borders to die...

Cheated of the opportunity to end their lives in dignity

Please help these deserving horses.
Donate money. Sponsor a horse. Volunteer. Adopt.
America's horses need YOU now, more than ever

Just click the donate button below and give what you can afford, thank you