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Silent Wave Horse Rescue was started in 2014 as a medium for supporting the efforts of a 6 year old girl whose name in Chinese means Silent Wave. Jin Bo first emptied her piggy bank of its $16 contents to contribute to the purchase and rescue of a horse from the feedlot and since has dedicated herself to saving horses from feedlots and slaughter. Silent Wave Horse Rescue has grown into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which cares for a number of horses who were abused, neglected, or otherwise failed by humans, and those who are at risk, including: aged or medically fragile horses who cannot be rehabilitated and are a part of our sanctuary; healthy, fit younger horses who are in training to reverse or overcome past abuse or traumas; and very young horses rounded up from reservations or otherwise left orphaned or abandoned.

We train our horses so that they may be considered safe and well-behaved, thus having a better chance at re-homing to loving permanent homes.

We practise in-house rehabilitation of horses rescued from auction or owner surrenders, or legal seize. We utilize only the gentlest practices of natural horsemanship and patience to allow equines the time to recover both physiologically and emotionally. These equines come to us deeply traumatized from separation from their owners or herds, or suffering stress and trauma of auctions, feedlots, mass transport, and often starvation or abuse. Many of our horses have been failed by humans multiple times.

We take pride and joy in the process of rehabilitating and training our horses so that they may have long and productive lives. We strive to ensure that every horse is matched to the right owner in the adoption process.

If a horse, donkey, or mule is unable to be rehabilitated, is aged, or is medically fragile, we consider that animal as part of our sanctuary and we are committed to its care for the duration of its natural life.

We believe every equine deserves a permanent and loving forever home.


Please see our gallery for before and after photos of our horses, as well as those who are ready to start their new lives in the loving hands of a new home! If you are interested in adopting from us, please contact us.

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Our Board of Directors:

Lynn Casto, vice president

Lisa Neuburger, Director and President

Becky Magnuson

Alegria Cupit

David Ciochetti, Treasurer

Jeanne Strange

Virginia Huang

Advisory Board:

Carol Rodrick, Nonprofit ethics and laws

Silent Wave Horse Rescue is run by an all-volunteer staff.

100% of donations and funding goes towards the care of our rescues.

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