Silent Wave Horse Rescue

Giving A Voice To The Voiceless
We are a 501(c)3) Non-Profit Organization

We cannot save and rehab horses without YOUR help. It costs an average of $300 per month for each horse in our care. This does not include initial purchase price, transportation, quarantine, or veterinary and farrier emergency costs which can run upwards of $1000's of dollars. We are a non-profit organization and rely on YOUR help to continue rescuing and rehabbing beloved and deserving equines!

Please help us to help the Horses! Your support is vital to our mission.

In appreciation of your support, we are offering the following gifts:

A 13" x 8" beautiful canvas print, mounted on a wooden frame, of our very own Phoenix the Filly, born in March 2014 to Paloma off of the Sunnyside, WA feedlot. 

For a minimum donation of $300 this print is yours!

Our lovely Tote Bags, featuring Paloma and her filly Phoenix, is yours for a minimum donation of $75.00!

Our Signature Bumper Sticker, the only of its kind, supporting the SAFE Act, can be yours for a minimum donation of $35.00! We also have small oval designs, please specify your preference.