Silent Wave Horse Rescue

Giving A Voice To The Voiceless
We are a 501(c)3) Non-Profit Organization
EIN: 47-3448522

Silent Wave Horse Rescue rehabilitates and trains our horses solidly before making them available for adoption to the public. We believe that rescue horses who are sound and trained with a solid foundation have a much better chance of remaining in their adoptive homes for life, than rescued horses who are trained in 30-60 days after intake. We take the time to allow our newest rescues to decompress and recover both physically and emotionally. When they're healthy, sound, and settled in, we begin the assessment and training process as needed. Some horses come to us with some training already, some need to have their harsh training reversed, and some come to us completely green. Whatever the base of training they have or don't have, they each get the groundwork and time under saddle that they need before they become available for adoption. Our trainers are multi-discipline, so our horses are given a direction or various directions which best suits them. Please contact us for more information or if you have questions. 

"Portland" AVAILABLE! , foaled @ 2004, came to us in 2015 from the Bowie Texas feedlot, 10 hours out from shipping to slaughter in Mexico. He had landed on the feedlot out of auction, so we have no background on him. We saw his very kind eye and potential, and just couldn't allow a super sweet horse named "Portland" to go to slaughter in Mexico, he had to come up to Portland (Oregon). He was very fragile when he arrived in Oregon, so we gave him a year to unwind, recover, and rehabilitate. We started training him from the ground up in 2016-2017. He's a lovely, solid, no spook trail horse, he has been ridden Western and English, and he's very gentle around children and with other horses. Portland stands 16.1 at the withers, he is a roan/sorrel pretty boy, and we love him because he's just incredibly sweet! He has a solid W/T/C, stands for the farrier, bathes, loads, loves to be groomed and loved on. We love this boy and are waiting with him for his forever home.


Zeus and Mochi, both from our Hood River 2017 Rescue! Both Zeus and Mochi will be trained for and perform at the Lucky 7 Challenge Training and Adoption Event for Rescue Horses, June 28th-29th, 2019, at the Clark County Fairground Arena near Vancouver, Washington, USA. Adoption will be to pre-approved homes only, please contact us for an adoption application! These horses are gems and will have a solid 120 days training by two of our professional trainers, in addition to the nearly two years they've spent in recovery and assessment/gentling at Silent Wave Horse Rescue's facility. Come join us and support Silent Wave Horse Rescue at the 2019 Lucky 7 Challenge!

"Mochi" is the sorrel in this photo--she will become available in the summer 2019 at the 2019 Lucky 7 Rescue Challenge event in Vancouver, WA at the Clark County Fairgrounds! Mochi is a 2015 girl, she has a calm demeanor, is solidly built, and is a smart survivor. She will be trained as a child's horse, by a youth trainer, with multi-directions and will perform under saddle in the Lucky 7 Challenge. Please contact us for an adoption application!