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Our Year-End Newsletter and Latest Actions


The Year 2018:

FIVE seems to be a magic number for SWHR! In 2018 Silent Wave Horse Rescue welcomed FIVE new rescue intakes (that's a lot for a small organization!), including two Belgian Drafts and two Yakima reservation foals, and a young starved TB stallion at year's end;

FIVE horses in need received SWHR's owner support (feed, veterinary, and/or help with training) so that they could remain with their owners; we completed FIVE very successful adoptions of our rescues into loving forever homes including Beethoven (now Cedar), Bob and Dixie the Belgian Draft Pair, Bee Bop our 2018 Oregon Rescue Challenge Rockstar, and Valentino one of our beautiful Hood River 8 rescues from 2017; we have SIX permanent senior residents in our sanctuary who are thriving under loving care; Zeus joined our Equine Therapy Team, bonding to Roger Lawrence of Kimberly; we welcomed two wonderful new board members to our Team; we were awarded Guidestar's Gold Seal of Transparency, and we held our first annual Open House and Fundraiser Event in Kimberly, OR! As we take a deep breath from 2018, we invite you to please follow and support our efforts as we move forward into 2019! We have great things planned, beginning with the Lucky 7 Training Challenge end of June, in which Zeus and Mochi, both from our Hood River 8 Rescue in 2017, will be competing and available for adoption TO WONDERFUL HOMES! Please follow and support us as we march forth!

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Moko, Jumbie, and Desperado are now gelded thanks to a grant from ONE HORSE AT A TIME, INC We would like to thank OHAAT for supporting our efforts and for helping to ensure that more stallions are gelded to stem the flow of unwanted horses. This is a vital program that we're very grateful for.

Moko and Jumbie are yearlings foaled in 2018 and will continue with their groundwork and fun work until they're 3 years old, at which time we'll start them under saddle, build a strong foundation in these beautiful guys, and they'll become available for adoption!

They're both 2018 Yakima Reservation (WA State) orphans who came into our care in July 2018, orphaned and sick. They're beautiful strong thriving yearlings now!

Desperado is a mini former-stallion who came to us in April 2019, from a neglect situation in Hermiston, OR. Little Desi is blind in his right eye so will stay with us in our Sanctuary for Life program and will be a part of SWHR's human outreach programs.

ADOPTED I nto Forever Homes!

2016: Henry

2017: Clover, Rascal, Oreo

2018: Bob, Dixie, Valentino

2019: Mali, Phoenix, Portland, Mochi

2020: Zeus and Roscoe

2021: Honey


2015: Henry, Portland

2016: Athena, China, Ziggy, Beau

2017: Zeus, Honey, Valentino, Mochi, Clover, Rascal, Oreo, Mathilda, Julian

2018: Mali, Moko, Jumbie, Bob, and Dixie

2019: Desperado, Suzi, Wally, Harley, Wilma, Spirit, Danny Boy, George and Gracie

2020: Moon, Thelma, Louise, Mikey Mule, Ginger, Roscoe

2021: Clementine and Jerri the Donkey

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