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OUR MISSION To rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home horses, mules, and donkeys from owner neglect, abuse, and from the horrific slaughter pipeline beginning with auctions.

To raise public awareness of equine slaughter, neglect, and abuse To help find humane and economically viable alternatives to industrial equine slaughter To educate horse owners of the risks of sending their horses to auction To support the freedom and lives of our beautiful American heritage wild mustangs and burro To support legislation which outlaws the transportation of equines to foreign slaughter (the SAFE Act) and which would regulate equine breeding practices To help improve the lives of equines and their humans through promoting the keeping and care of these beautiful animals so that they are healthy, cherished, and loved for the duration of their lives.


Silent Wave Horse Rescue embraces education and outreach programs. We feel that the young people of today are the hope for tomorrow's equines. Please contact us for more information regarding animal welfare education, student volunteer and job-shadowing opportunities, as well as our youth equine-contact programs.

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